Highly effective ingredients from the Swiss Alps

Edelweiss plant stem cells

Skin stem cells are responsible for the skin renewal and regeneration. With increasing age these processes slow down. The skin loses its elasticity and tends to wrinkles. Therefore it is especially important to protect our stem cells and keep their vitality. Modern cosmetic research discovered that  the use of appropriate plant stem cells can protect the longevity and activate the vitality of skin stem cells. Edelweiss stem cells are the ideal way to activate our skin stem cells an skin regeneration.

Alpine Rose extract

Alpine Rose and Edelweiss have developed many defensive mechanisms in order to survive in extreme heights and protect themselves from high level UV exposure. The innovative formulations of the athanor products use these properties. They contain Edelweiss plant stem cells and Alpine Rose extract. This unique active complex acts as a highly effective radical scavenger, protects the skin against light induced skin ageing and prevents the loss of collagen and elastin. The result is a radiant, firm and healthy looking skin.